Driving Financial Inclusion
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Central Bank of Nigeria

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  • Web  Development 
  • Digital Content Development

Driving Financial Inclusion

CI Group spearheaded the development of a comprehensive digital repository to manage analytical data and content for beneficiaries of over NGN 9 trillion Naira in intervention loans from the Central Bank of Nigeria's Development Finance Department (DFD). This repository provided a robust platform for organising and accessing crucial information, enabling efficient management of the loan scheme.

In support of the DFD SME loan scheme, CI Group designed and implemented digital toolkits to streamline campaign management efforts. Through targeted strategies, these toolkits successfully attracted over 16,000 qualified beneficiaries, facilitating broader access to financial support and fostering entrepreneurship across Nigeria.

CI Group played a pivotal role in coordinating field verifications and mini-documentaries for 460 businesses benefiting from the DFD intervention scheme in South-west and North-west Nigeria. These initiatives provided firsthand insights into the impact of the intervention loans, highlighting success stories and driving awareness of the program's effectiveness.

CIG is currently helping to redefine with content development and digital initiatives for:

  • Financial Inclusion Programme
  • RT 200 Export programme

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